Of Mist and Mountains

This will be a quick blog entry despite my last entry of August 2013.  One of my last entries before digging into a deep hibernation spoke of Shinto and the Mountain Yamabushi.  I also spoke of stepping into to Nature for the healing of PTSD.  Since 2013 I have hiked, paddled, swum, miles.  As a multi modal artist (Writer, singer, songwriter, martial artist) this means I have delved into my expressive arts …I had to enter into myself as I entered into the woods, the balsam, or hard woods.  I had to practice what I preach and be willing to take the same risks that I ask of others who come to me.  With more than two albums worth of music, three volumes of poetry, numerous pages of essays, you will be hearing more from me on this blog.  Everything is a gift even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Peace,    Awasos



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